This has been an interesting week. I grew up in northern California and we moved to a new house when I was a teenager. My dad hired some guys to clear the overgrowth from the side of the house. They borrowed my sharpening stone for their shovel, and they left a huge gouge in the stone. I am pretty meticulous with my things, and that bothered me. This week seems to have marked a shift in my thinking. The picture above is my new ESEE 4 knife after a few days of camping. The powder coating is scratched from using the knife for its intended purpose. This normally would have bothered me, but several things over the last few weeks have made me see things differently. There is no reason to have something that you are afraid to use. Everything has a purpose, and everything wears out. We wear out. We all have scratches like my knife, or dents like Mater, and they make us who we are. Some scratches are self-inflicted and need to be remove through the Atonement, but some are the result of our experiences in mortality, and they help shape who we are. We can’t be afraid to die anymore than we should be afraid to live. We need to experience the things that only mortality could teach us. There is opposition in all things, and that will make us stronger if we let it. I am more focused on fulfilling my intended purpose, scratches and all.

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One thought on “Scratches

  1. Is that the doctrine of the Mater?

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