Last night I was researching knife prices for a friend when I decided to look at ESEE, formerly known as RAT knives. I found a dealer in Lehi so I paid them a visit today. A friend gave me an older RAT 5, but the previous owner used a grinder to remove the powder coating. Why? Anyway, I had seen the RAT 3/ESEE 3 at a gun show but it seemed a little small. The ESEE 4 felt like a great all around camping/utility/survival knife so I settled on this over other knives. The warranty is fantastic, and Randall’s Adventure & Training is known for their survival skills and reliance on their knives. RAT used to contract with Ontario Knife Company to manufacture the RAT designs, but Ontario had poor quality control which led to their business divorce. RAT changed their name to ESEE and has better control over the manufacturing process. It was a struggle to decide between the desert colored knife and the orange handled knife. I decided on the orange so it would be easy to recognize in the outdoors if I misplaced it. I’m excited to use this knife on our camping trip next month.
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