General Conference

Today ended the 181st Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The talks seemed to be as timely as ever. Welfare seemed to be a common theme, with this month being the 75th anniversary of the creation of what we now call Church Welfare. Many things that were said seemed to resonant with my life and challenges over the last year. I think I am still learning the what and why, but I definitely feel like I have more compassion for people and the challenges they face. I know there must be something more to learn here, but I have definitely relied more on my God in the last year than in years passed. I know he has given me the capacity to overcome all things if I will continue to make the effort to improve myself. Over the years I have come to understand many principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but the one thing I have always known is that God lives and he loves me. I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not know this. There have been many times that I have not understood why certain things were happening to me, but I have never doubted God’s existence. I cannot doubt out. I remember being a small child and knowing this fact. Regardless of what others say and do, I know He lives. I know he gave us families to help us grow and become more like him. I know families can be sealed in his Temples and be together forever based on obedience and repentance. I know that God celebrates our triumphs and shares in our disappointments. He loves us so much that he gave us agency. He also gave us his Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered so we can repent when we make mistakes, and be forgiven of our sins. He loves us no matter what choices we make, and he waits for us to choose to follow Him. I know this is true.

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