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This is one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs. Verona was in my mission boundaries, and though I never got to visit the city, the feelings are the same. I look at the images of the rain and I can feel what it was like to be there. I love this song.

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Twenty years ago

This is my favorite Kenny Rogers song, and it’s perfect for today. I have written in my journal everyday for the last 20 years. I wrote 5-6 times per week for the eight months prior, and a few times in high school. I really started to write in the MTC when I started my mission. When I was in Lucca, my first city, I met JD Smith. He used to draw things and put things in his journal, which seemed like a good idea. I included post cards from every city, some bus and train tickets and other souvenirs. I wanted to be able to see what things were like in Italy during that time period. One day I was riding my bike when I heard a loud noise and something hit me in the chest. Two cars traveling in opposite directions were too close and their sideview mirrors hit, sending glass in my direction. I saved the piece of glass and cut the bottom edges out of my journal so I could include the glass and still close my journal. I was in Belluno when I finally got sick of writing about what I did the previous day and decided to commit to writing every day. And here we are. This picture is of my bookcase containing my journals.

I have heard a lot of people tell me that they don’t have anything interesting to write, but I don’t believe them. My entries aren’t always exciting, but that’s because I lead a real live. I would love to travel the world and save the day like Jason Bourne or James Bond, but unfortunately I am neither of those people. I wake up tired, sometimes I shave my head, I drive a car with over 100,000 miles, I try to exercise everyday, I love dessert and junkfood, and I hate the cold weather in Utah. My life isn’t that exciting, but I know it’s important to record what I do, think and feel. I want my posterity, especially my kids, to know the smart, stupid and funny things I’ve done. I want them to celebrate my triumphs and mourn my failures. I want them to know that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them and repent when necessary.

This Kenny Rogers song is also important to me because I am at the point in my life when I am looking back 20 years ago and remembering how things used to be.

If you don’t keep a journal, I encourage you to start. I promise you will not regret it. For those of you who have done it for 15 years, I welcome you to the circle of trust. You know who you are.

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Blog changes

I just changed the layout of my blog. I liked the Travel template, but I felt like it was too difficult to read the blog with the transparent background. And I just got back from Fruita, so I needed to add a mountain biking touch to help speed along the good weather. It’s time to get out and ride!

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Fruita wrap up

We woke up to rain yesterday morning. We tried to wait it out but it got worse. It was still a fantastic road trip. Great trails, no mechanical problems and no accidents.Agent Peck returning his rental bike.
Our hotel. Thanks Mike Both’s dad.
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Fruita links

Click here to see a link to Tim’s Garmin GPS recording for our ride yesterday.

Click here to see a link for our ride today.

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Fruita part 2

Agent Peck joined us late last night so he could ride with us today and tomorrow. We dropped on to Mary’s Loop, then went counter-clockwise on Steve’s Loop. We got back on Mary’s Loop and rode out to Horse Thief Bench. That was an awesome section. We went back on Mary’s Loop and did Steve’s Loop clockwise. I felt sick at the beginning of the ride because I ate and drank too much, but I felt great for most of the ride. We put down 18 miles today. This picture is the Colorado River from Steve’s Loop.

This is Tim and Mike overlooking the Colorado River on Horse Thief Bench.

This is me and Agent Peck on Horse Thief Bench.

This was taken on Steve’s Loop overlooking the lower section of the same trail.

This is Mike Both’s bike in the shower of the hotel.

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Mike Both, Tim Shaw and I came down to Fruita, Colorado this morning. It is so beautiful here. We rode up Prime Rib, down Joe’s Ridge, then cut up Kessel. We rode down Prime Rib, up the road and down Kessel. After a 10 minute break we braved the heavy winds to go down Zippity Do Dah. We were losing daylight so we came down Kessel again.

This picture is Tim and Mike as we were climbing Prime Rib.
Me on Joe’s Ridge.
Mike and me on Joe’s Ridge.,-108.701962&spn=0.028001,0.014935&output=embed

View 4.21.11 Thursday Fruita in a larger map
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The right friends at the right time

Our washing machine broke the night before we went to Boise. This morning I took it apart to see if there were any broken parts or obvious reasons for the break, but I couldn’t see anything. Travis Laursen let me borrow his truck to pick up a washing machine we found in Provo on Freecycle. I made a call to have someone help me unload the machine, but that person couldn’t do it. My second daughter suggested I call Jason Haskell. After we unloaded the truck he said he might know what the problem is, so we took it apart. We had to move the motor to find the broken part, which Jason happened to have at his house. We replaced the broken part and hooked it back up, and it seems to be working fine now. A simple fix could have been missed if I hadn’t have listened to my daughter.

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Gossling Rescue

Erick and I were driving down a busy street today when Erick spotted a small gossling near the side of the road. We turned around to help the little guy. I caught the gossling and we walked to the canal looking for the parents. Thankfully we found them and returned the lost soul to his family. As we walked back toward the car we heard more sounds, so we investigated. We found another gossling so we caught that one. We thought we heard more noise, so Erick investigated while I returned this one to the fold. The noise came from a rundown shack, but we couldn’t find anymore gossling. Erick lifted me up to the top of the shack, and we found two more gossling and two eggs. We returned the third and fourth gossling to the canal where Erick almost engaged in an epic battle with the mother goose. Maybe she shouldn’t have left them at the shack. In any case, we were able to save the chicks and return them to their family, so it was a successful endeavor.

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How to avoid paying taxes

This was posted on MSN tonight. Very insightful.

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