Why I love penguins

It’s taken a long time for me to decide on my favorite bird. I could have gone with the bald eagle since it is the only bird on all the motivational posters, but that would be too easy. And lazy. I’ve decided on the penguin for the following reasons:
#1 The father takes care of the young.
#2 They depend on each other to get through the harshest winter on earth.
#3 They can’t fly.
#4 They walk ackwardly and it’s funny.
#5 They are graceful swimmers, but you have to look below the surface to see what they are really like.
#6 Someone has to be the first penguin in the water. Danger can be lurking just below the surface, but one penguin has to lead the charge and clear the path for the others.
#7 They are just cute.

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One thought on “Why I love penguins

  1. They are awesome surfers too. Love me some penguins.

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