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Disturbing behavior

I just finished a five month project with my brother-in-law at a company that shall remain nameless. During that time I have been a witness to the most disturbing bathroom behavior I have ever experienced. This was perpetrated by young and old alike, and is not exaggerated in any way. In random order:
1. Texting while standing at the urinal.
2. Speaking on the phone in Spanish while standing at the urinal.
3. Superman pose with both hands on the hips while standing at the urinal.
4. Allowing the pants to fall down at the urinal and holding them in place by spreading the legs.
5. Zipping up pants while walking to the sink.
6. Standing at the sink with pants undone tucking in shirt.
7. Talking to me like I know you while standing at the urinal, then watching me wash my hands as you walk out of the bathroom without washing your hands.
8. When there were only three urinals working, choosing the middle one so someone has to stand right next to you.

These behaviors must stop immediately. These offenses are criminal. At least I’m not there to see it anymore. I saw more in my five months there than my 10 years at my prior employer. What is wrong with people?

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The State of The Union

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