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This is the Casio G’Zone Boulder phone. I like to refer to it as the Jack Bauer phone because it is shock, water and dust resistant. It has served me well on many mountain bike crashes, and has a flashlight and electronic compass. It is the best phone I’ve owned.Last night I bought this Samsung Fascinate smart phone. The first App I downloaded was Chuck Norris facts. I added the scriptures, General Conference addresses, movie soundboards and stock quotes. I was up until 1:30 AM learning how to use the phone. I’m blown away by how powerful it is. I can schedule appointments for my Bishop from my phone, which will make my calling much easier. I will miss my Jack Bauer phone, but I will get to see it often since my daughter has taken possession of it. The Fascinate will keep me busy for a long time.

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Happy Truckers Day

Today is Truckers Day. I have kept my CDL as my Plan G. Everyone should have a backup plan. Or a backup to the backup. My dad’s neighbor pushed Orem to outlaw engine brakes down University Parkway because he wanted to sleep with his window open without hearing the occasional engine brake. Engine brakes are used to preserve the air brakes, which fail once the air pressure is gone. But we should outlaw safety so you aren’t occasionally inconvenienced. Everything we have was on a truck or train at one time. We would not have food, clothes, cars or houses if it weren’t for trucking. Needless to say that neighbor was a complete scemo. I support truckers everyone. 10-4 good buddy. Over and out.

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