Hello, old friend

I had physical therapy this evening, so I got home before the sun went down. That was weird. I was going to go for a quick ride when my son asked if he could go. Max got excited when I asked if he wanted to go for a ride. The three of us headed out for the jump pit near Silver Lake. The dirt was very loose from the ATV’s and motorcycles, but it felt good to get on the bike. I took it as an opportunity to be outside and enjoy nature and being on my bike instead of a hard exercise session. I thought I would be able to put down hundreds of miles this summer, but that didn’t work out. Riding with my son and dog was a great experience.

Kevin and I were talking about balance this morning. I think it is very hard to achieve balance on a daily basis when you work 12+ hours a day. I think of it as driving down the highway. You stay within the lane markers, but you drift left and right as you go. Too far left and you come back right. I think sometimes balance has to be achieve over a longer period of time. Biking definitely helps be achieve balance and puts most wrong things right.

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