Top experiences of my life

I started a Top 25 Experiences of My Life list several years ago, along with a BID List. The BID List was my “Before I Die” list, which came out way before The Bucket List movie. I can’t find the BID List, but I did find the top experiences list I started. In no particular order:

  • Yosemite
  • Fathers & Sons outings with Dad
  • Eagle Scout
  • Playing piano at College Park graduation
  • Temple endowment
  • Mission
  • First dream in Italian
  • Graduate from BYU
  • 5/30/1996
  • Raven born
  • Sidnee born
  • Mason born
  • Jaxon born
  • Dream about Sidnee being blond before she was born
  • Name and bless children
  • 100 mile bike ride- twice
  • Bushi Ban black belt
  • Fathers & Sons outings with Mason and Jaxon
  • Buy my first house. Was that a mistake?
  • Washington, DC trip
  • Live session in SLC Temple
  • Met Jeffrey R. Holland
  • Girls camp with Raven and DeLana
  • Family hike up Mt. Timpanogos

At first I wanted to collect the 25 best experiences of my life, but then I decided that I shouldn’t limit the number since I hope to fill my life with great experiences, and I want to live a long time. Until I don’t want to live, in which time I will want to die.

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