More stupid sayings

David commented on my post about stupid things people say, which triggered more.

ATM machine. You mean and automated teller machine machine?
PIN number. Personal identification number number?
VIN number. Vehicle identification number number?
“I could care less.” That means you care.
“Imuna.” I’m going to. I know it’s hard, but use your tongue. And you saved so much time by being lazy.
“My bad.” It is your fault, but that is such a tired phrase. So shut up.
“It’s all good.” You are so Zen. It’s not all good. Your speech isn’t good. Your stupid tight skater pants aren’t good either.
“TMI. TMI.” Think of something else to say, like “I didn’t need to know that.”

And stop speaking the way you text. No one really wants to know how ignorant you are, so stop talking.

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2 thoughts on “More stupid sayings

  1. The "I could care less" one drives me crazy. I remember trying to convince someone that it is couldn't care less. I kept telling the person to say it slowly to themself and then asked which was the obvious, logical choice. Still no success in the end.

  2. It's hard to cure stupid.

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