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Stop saying stupid things

I’m sick of all the stupid things people say, so I am going to vent.

“What it is is…..” Don’t you see the problem with that?
“May or may not….” Are there any other options? You may or may not be stupid, but you are.
“Just barely….” Both words mean the same thing in this context. “I just got up.” “I barely got up.”
“Every single….” “You say stupid things every single time.” Lose the single.
“Each and every….” They mean the same thing, so stop it. You are dumb and stupid.
“Whole entire….” I’m glad you said that. Whole leaves part out, and entire leaves part out, so together you it all covered.
And my favorite- “Your guyses….” “What are your guyses plans?” Learn to speak English. “What are your plans?” English has a plural just like vosotros in Spanish and voi in Italian. Stop being an idiot.

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MMA beats Boxing

Randy Couture fought boxer James Toney in UFC 118 tonight. It was a classic match of two veterans who had to fight their fight to pull out a victory. Randy Couture knew he couldn’t stand toe to toe with Toney, and we all knew Toney couldn’t survive on the ground with Couture. The question then becomes who will be able to control the fight. Randy Couture was the best qualified fighter to take on a boxer with over 75 wins. Couture struck gold with his first takedown attempt, and spent the next few minutes setting up for the choke that ended the fight. Always the gentleman, Couture praised Toney for being the first boxer with the guts to step in to the Octagon. All this from a 47-year old. Go Captain America!

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Good thing I’m not a doctor

I met with the orthopedic surgeon to get the results of my MRI and X-rays. I did not tear my rotator cuff, but there is evidence of the dislocation. He gave me a shot and is sending me to physical therapy so see if that helps. I can still mountain bike, as long as I don’t crash. I think I can do that. Maybe?

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Today I had an MRI on my shoulder. I get the results on Tuesday when I meet with the doctor that made my other shoulder bionic. I dislocated said shoulder almost four months ago in a sparring accident and it was out for about 40 minutes, during which time my arm was paralyzed. It sucked. I was hoping I could nurse it back to health, but that hasn’t worked. I’m guessing torn rotator cuff. Regardless, I’m pretty sure I know where this is heading, and I’d prefer to get there as soon as I can.

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