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Nate McArthur and I went to Moab on Thursday night to catch up with our Scouts. We rode Slickrock on Friday, putting down a tough 11.3 miles in 95 degree heat. It was a blast. This is Nate on one of the most technical sections of Slickrock.

This is James Hoffman on the same technical section.

This is me on the technical section.

This is Nate spraying the nearly dead boys at the pavilion on the Slickrock trailhead. It’s amazing what experience will teach you. Nate, James and I did the full Slickrock ride with Jed, Nate and Connor. The boys all ran out of water. The adults drank a lot and carried plenty of water, but the rationing took everything we had.

Today Nate and I stopped by Poison Spider Bikes to ask about other local rides. Gina turned us on to Amassa Back. Though it wasn’t impressive for the first 15-20 minutes, it turned out to be a fantastic ride. It was a very technical ride for most of the seven miles out, which was great on the way back. This is a cliff section at the start of the ride.
Me with my Cannondale Gemini at the end of the trail with the Colorado River in the background. This bike may not be built for climbing, but I can hold my own on most of Slickrock and Amassa Back. It excelled on the way back from Amassa Back, and saved me from two close calls. It soaked up the technical slickrock and shale, and took the drop offs without missing a beat. It was a great 14 mile ride. Nate blew his tire about one mile from the car, but that was the extent of our of mechanical problems. After a $5 footlong at Subway we headed back to PSB to thank Gina for the suggestion. It was a fantastic weekend of riding.

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