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It’s a special kind of pain

This is a picture of my shoulder during surgery two years ago. It’s not supposed to look like that. I dislocated my shoulder eight times before the surgery, but I was always able to put it back in within one minute. Today I dislocated my other shoulder during sparring, and it was out for about 35-40 minutes. We tried to put it back in, but I could tell it was much worse than the other eight times on the other shoulder. As I drove to see Master Pierce, my Karate instructor and chiropractor, my arm became paralyzed and I wasn’t able to move my fingers. Then my other arm started to go numb. It’s hard to drive a standard transmission car with half an arm. Master Pierce was able to put it back in place, and I immediately regained the use of my hand. I’ve been putting ice on it all afternoon. There really is no other pain like a dislocation. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t had the pleasure. Hopefully the damage is minimal. That makes 18 stitches, three broken toes and nine dislocated shoulders. Bring on the resurrection.

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Anza knives

I took my oldest daughter and her friend to the Crossroads of the West gun show yesterday. I just passed my insurance exam so I figured I deserved to buy an inexpensive knife. I found an Anza knife for $40. The top knife is the one I bought yesterday. The bottom knife is one I bought over a year ago. These knives are made out of files and each is made by hand. You can see minor imperfections in the handle or grind, and it is just a cool knife. It’s nice to get a customer knife without paying $300. You can learn more about Anza knives at

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Juniper playground

Mike Both and I went for a ride on the improved Juniper trail today. This is a new jump that Cougar built during the winter. It’s a great practice jump.This is a new wood structure that Cougar built recently. Mike Both with a flawless execution.
The same wood structure from a different angle.

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I passed my dreaded Insurance Exam today. I took the practice final exam yesterday with a 77%. That made me mad since I thought I was doing much better on the test. My wife and daughters helped me study last night and this morning and we wiped it out. I’m glad that’s over. Step 2 in process.

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