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285,000 vs. 103,000

I hate it when I don’t achieve my goals. I had a goal to drive my Toyota Camry to 300,000 miles before I had to replace it. This week I took it in for the safety and emissions test and it failed safety. In a big way. Brakes, strut, power steering pump, driver side window. It would cost a considerable amount to fix, so we started looking for another car. Lame. I bought the Camry nine years and 150,000 miles ago when it had 135,000 miles. That was a fantastic choice. That car served me well. Today was my last day of driving the Camry to work. I had to drive up and down the street a few times, but it landed on 285,000 miles when I got home.

Yesterday we bought a 2000 Mazda Protege’ with 103,000 miles. It was the newest car with the fewest miles in our price range, so we were able to pay cash and avoid a car payment. It even came with a Yakima bike rack. That worked out well since I can’t get my bike rack off the Camry. I’m not sure if the locks are frozen or rusted from being on the car in bad weather for several years, but I win. And it’s a manual transmission. That rules.

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Noelle’s Olympic run

Noelle had her third and fourth Skeleton runs tonight. She missed the podium by .10 second after the four runs were tallied. She didn’t get a medal, but she is fourth place in the world. How awesome is that? I really wanted to see her get a medal, but I am so proud of what she has done. She overcame adversity to make it on the Olympic team, and she put it all on the line. It has been really cool to go to Park City and see her race in the last two years, and we will always remember that. More important that how she finished is how she got there and the person she is. Noelle and Janson are great people that are grounded in the important things in life, and we are glad to call them our friends. We can’t wait for them to get back home.

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Noelle’s first runs

This is a link to Noelle’s races last night:

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Our friend Noelle Pickus-Pace is competing in skeleton in the Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia. This is a picture of her during one of her runs tonight. After two runs she is ranked 5th, putting her .16 of a second behind a Bronze medal and .55 seconds behind a Gold medal. Tomorrow night will be the third and fourth runs, which should be televised live. She is going to tear it up. Below is a link to the standings after the first two runs:

Here is a link to her profile:

This link is to the story behind the road to the Olympics:

And finally, this is a link to Noelle’s hat business, which is also included on my links:

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Energy drink

I had my last energy drink on August 13, 2008. I believe it was a Monster Lo-Carb. I had to stop because I was drinking 1-2 a day. It was expensive, and that’s a lot of poison. Today I tried a Bios Life Smart Energy that my neighbor gave me. I only drank half the can because Clint Hansen knocked it over with the basketball. It kind of tastes like a fruity Von Dutch, but without the aftertaste. I am not going back to energy drinks as a practice, and I am back off most soda and caffeine. I am master of my domain.

And bronchitis sucks.

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