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2009 Goal Trifecta

My 2K9 List:

Read New Testament- finished on 5/3/09
250 push ups- 10/8/09
2000 squats- 5/7/09
Ab bridge- 5 minutes- 12/31/09

I’m not pure, and I still can’t do the splits, but I read the New Testament, did a set of 2000 body weight squats, a set of 250 push ups, and held an ab bridge for five minutes.

I didn’t start working on the ab bridge until December, and the longest I could hold it was 3:30. I tried several times yesterday, but I couldn’t get close to five minutes. I usually listen to Indifference by Pearl Jam, and I tried listening to movie soundbites to see if that would help. It didn’t. Today I went without music, setting a repeating 60 second countdown timer to see if that would help. I only got to two minutes. I was upset with myself, so I grabbed Pearl Jam and set the countdown timer for 30 seconds. I wanted to hit four minutes and fail, telling myself that I didn’t allow enough time to build up to my goal, but the 30 second timer helped to gauge where I was, and I was able to hold on for five minutes.

My plan was to hit the five minute ab bridge yesterday or today, then do 2000 squats and 250 push ups to prove I could still do it. My son helped me keep track of the squats and push ups. I don’t think I could have gotten the push ups without his help. So I completed a 2009 goal trifecta this morning- ab bridge, squats and push ups. I rule.

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Awesome Christmas gift

DeLana had one of our neighbors edit my mountain bike videos and make this compilation. I think Kristy did a great job.

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