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The BRG Trifecta

Mike Both and I are awesome today. We created the idea of the BRG Trifecta a few weeks ago, but we didn’t name it. We started with the Goiter, a hill we named a few years ago. It’s a mother grind for about .75 miles. Then we rode down and climbed the Radio Tower, which is another hill I started climbing a few years ago. From the top of Radio Tower hill we decided to try and complete the Trifecta by climbing Buttlicker, so named by Mike Both because you would rather lick your own butt than climb that hill. Each of us had a spin out, but we immediately started climbing without taking a rest break. This was the first time I’ve climbed Buttlicker without resting, so I was pleased. We climbed about 1,100 feet in about 1.75 miles. We rule. I will try to take better pictures soon and post them. These were taken from my phone, so it’s hard to truly appreciate the level of our awesomeness.

Goiter, taken from Buttlicker.

Radio Tower hill, taken from Buttlicker.

Buttlicker, taken from Nolan Park.

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