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Sam’s Toy Box

I just added a link to Sam’s Toy Box. My friends Erick and Tami run the store from Meridian, Idaho, just outside of Boise. They also have an Amazon storefront and can ship anywhere.

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Garett’s wedding trip

We had a long weekend of driving to get to Garett’s wedding. Thankfully we were able to stop in Boise to see Erick and Tami and their toy store, Sam’s Toy Box. We went to Eagle and found the bike park, and I would have been in heaven, but I didn’t have my bike. It is a really big park with jump lines, dual slalom and a skills section. These two pictures are from the skill area.

We also went to Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, and they carry Brainwash. I used to drink this in California in 1994. It was the precursor to energy drinks. It has some interesting side effects.

Like this. It stains anything it touches.

All weekend I had been anticipating the seven foot gap jump on the Flintstone Trail in Eagle Mountain. I’ve watched Mike Both do it several times, but it was a mental block for me. I rolled the rock face, then crashed about 100 feet before the jump, hurting my knee and calf. My first thought was that I wouldn’t be able to do the jump, and I had crashed by sliding off the trail. I worked the stiffness out of my knee, and after two failed approaches I let go and took the jump. It happened so fast that I wasn’t able to pull up as I launched, and I landed front tire first. Thanks to a fantastic Marzocchi Bomber fork I rode it out without any problem. The approach to the jump happened so fast that I lost about a 20 foot section of the trail from my memory. I took the turn on the trail, and the next thing I knew I was in the air. Today I conquered the smoky monster.

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370 days

We were at Lake Powell last week when I hit my one year anniversary since divorcing energy drinks. My last one was a Monster Lo-Carb on August 13, 2008. I still miss the taste, but I don’t need it anymore. Now it’s time to quit soda altogether.

Lake Powell was a fun time, with wake boarding, knee boarding, rappelling, cliff jumping, reading and hiking. Coming back to work and 399 e-mail sucks though. I need another vacation.

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