38 = 251

Today is my birthday, so I slept in. Work was hectic with all that has happened this week, and it has brought many changes in just a few days. I enjoyed a few moments of serenity with Deb, Jana, Amy and Terry while we discussed our future leaders and ate cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. My co-workers know me well. What they didn’t know is that I have written in my Journal everyday for the last 18 years. They gave me a huge Sponge Bob birthday card, and I told them that it would still fit in my Journal. I quickly retrieved my Journal from my desk and showed them how I record my life. I worked late so I could catch up and fill the time until X-Men Origins: Wolverine started at 7:20 pm. I sat at my desk reflecting on the things that had happened today, and I truly felt blessed. I have a wonderful family and great co-workers. Being with my co-workers is the best part of my workday. Today I really felt like people cared about me. And lest I forget, Patricia sent me an e-mail from Manila wishing me a happy birthday. Wolverine was fun, and I came home to find this poster and “treat” courtesy of Lori, Hannah and Andrea. I love it.

Anyhow, today I’m 38 and I bench pressed the 45 pound bar 251 times. I got tired and slowed down at the end, so I want to be able to do it more smoothly, but 38 still equals 251. Chuck Norris is proud of me.
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One thought on “38 = 251

  1. Happy belated birthday Steve! Congrats on the 251 reps on the bench, that's awesome

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