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Skinny jump

Mike,, Ben and I am rode the bike park and the Flintstone Trail. This is me on the skinny.

Mike Both.

Mike Engberson, aka

Ben Schmalz.

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Bike Park action

I hit the Eagle Mountain Bike Park after work today. The teeter totter.

The three steps.

The 220 Trail table top.

My pride and joy- the 220 Trail drop in.

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Goodbye, my friend

Today we sold the Corvette. I took #4 with me to drop it off. I thought he would cry like he has when we talked about selling it before. We owned it for just over two years, and it was a great summer ride. T-Tops rule. I hated to part with it, but it was the right thing to do. Hopefully it won’t be our last Corvette. It was fun while it lasted, and it fulfilled a dream I held since I was in high school.

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Tonight was my last night of teaching Karate for a while. My kids and I will be taking the summer off for financial reasons, but we hope to be back shortly. I’m not sure if I will be teaching at that point. I usually don’t do the warm ups with the students, but tonight I wanted to fully participate. We did shoulder rolls and my shoulder wasn’t a concern.

I will miss the experience of passing on the knowledge and applications that I have learned, but I will continue to teach it to my kids. Tonight was bittersweet because I really enjoy working with Jeremy and Tiffany, and I don’t want to lose that association.

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A sad farewell

Shawn Clark moved to Louisiana today. He and I worked together doing collections at Wilkinson & Sood in 1995. When DeLana moved here we all started to hang out. Shawn and I quickly connected and spent most of that summer roller blading and trying to pick up chicks. We grew closer through the years, and were able to pick up where we left off during his deployments. We often talked about the things that we thought were cool, like fountain pens, cufflinks and hats. We often read his gentleman’s book to learn how to tie new knots for our neckties, or dress professionally according to London standards. We wished we could fly to Italy and England to get custom-made suits. We really connected on that issue, and it was Shawn showing me the way. I’ve always admired his style and fashion sense, and I got what he already understood. I’ve never had that connection with anyone else, and I hope we can keep that going. He definitely influenced the way I dress at work, trying to be the professional example to those I lead. They will be greatly missed, but I know we will do all we can to keep the friendship going.

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