Sweet Saturday

I played softball with the ward this morning. I haven’t played for years, and I haven’t thrown a ball or swung a bat since before my surgery. It was so fun. The weather was perfect and it was nice to hang out with those guys. My shoulder is sore, but I think it’s muscle and not cartilage.

I went to the Eagle Mountain bike park with Mike Both, Tim Shaw and Shawn Peck. We rode the jump sections, pump track and the new wood sections. Then we headed up and rode the single track. I hit the jump at the north exit of the trail and it felt great. Perfect line and perfect landing. Then I went and hit this ramp five times.
This is a good jump because the trail takes a hard right, so I have to land the jump and make the turn immediately, which freaks me out.

This table top is up near the top of the jump section. I had to hit it a few times to be able to launch it.
Today was a great jumping day. I felt so good with everything I did. I love mountain biking.

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One thought on “Sweet Saturday

  1. The Bike Park is fun! Thanks for hanging on Saturday. We need to make one night (or more) per week, officially “Ride Night”.

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