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I love my bike

St. George was a great mountain bike road trip, but I couldn’t use my middle chainring at all. The gears kept slipping, and it was obvious that I needed to get a new drivetrain. I thought a new chainring set, chain and cassette would do it, but the set was wobbling last night. I elected to replace it with a new set that included the cranks and bottom bracket.

My bike.

New cassette.

New Race Face chainrings, cranks and bottom bracket.

We are going to the Eagle Mountain bike park in an hour. I can’t wait to hit the trail. Then it’s off to St. George on Sunday for Spring Break.

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Change is good

These are the murals from our old dojo in Saratoga Springs. This is Jeremy Sanderson- 3rd Dan.

Steve Smith- 2nd Dan.

Sidnee Smith- Red belt

Tonight was our first night in the new dojo. We spent a little more than three years in the first building. Everyone was excited to be in the new building. It’s a wood floor and the room is much bigger. We have mirrors again, and a great view of the valley. This is a great change. I was so glad to be there tonight.

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