St. George bike trip- Day 2

Shawn Peck joined us Friday night for a huge ride on Saturday. We started the JEM Trail outside La Verkin. This is me and Agent Peck standing over the Virgin River.

This is me and Tim Shaw riding the cliff over the Virgin River.

Mike and Tim at the beginning of the ride.

Our beautiful scenery.


More scenery.

Overlooking La Verkin. This wasn’t even halfway on our 27 mile ride.

We took the Hurrican Rim cutoff and rode passed this La Verkin lookout to the parking lot where Shawn, Bevan, Evan, Kevin and I stopped last year. It was a challenging climb, but the downhill to the parking lot was worth it. We crossed Highway 59 and climbed the fireroad for qyite a while before taking the cutoff to Gould’s Rim. We rode that part for several miles on Gould’s Rim when Shawn got a flat tire. We fixed that and stopped to rest at Highway 59 when we noticed he had torn the sidewall on his tire. My friend Rob Brown told me you can stick a dollar bill over a tire hole until you get off the trail. We were about to do that when Mike suggested we try using the Cliff Gel wrappers. We didn’t have any other problems with the tires. We flew down from Highway 59 passed the Hurrican Rim cutoff and continued to the car. The trail was in great shape and I let go of the apprehension I had from Friday. That section is probably my favorite section of trail. It was a great trip and we put down some good miles. No one got hurt and the mechanical problems were minimal. And we learned a lot about Tim and Mike’s moms.

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