Election 2008

The 2008 Election is finally over. I’ve got to say that I was sick of seeing a two year campaign. It was nice to see an increase in voter participation. I don’t understand how you can live in this country and not cast your vote. People in other countries would kill for that privilege. I remember a picture that I put in my journal when voting was opened in South Africa. It was an aerial shot of thousands of people standing in line. Things didn’t go the way I had hoped, but we definitely made history as a country by electing a black President. Having missed the Civil Rights movement, I can’t fully appreciate what everyone experienced at that time, but it says a lot for our nation. I remember talking to my dad about the Berlin wall. He said he never thought he would see it come down in his lifetime. Times have definitely changed. I wish it meant that racism had been defeated, but that isn’t the case yet. I’m afraid that it will take several more decades to make that change. I hope I can see the day when a Jew or a Mormon can get elected, and that their religion won’t be held against them. We gave JFK the benefit of the doubt.

I hope Barak Obama can make the changes that we need as a country, but there is a lot of hard work. As I watched the crowds in Chicago last night, I got the impression that many people expected that things will change immediately. Big problems take big solutions, and that takes time. Many things need to be fixed, but not all of those are the responsibility of the government. I refer you to The Proper Role of Government by Ezra Taft Benson:


I hope things get better under Obama. He is not the man I wanted for President, but I do not wish him ill will. I hope the econmy will turn around and we will be able to protect ourselves from our enemies. I hope our elected leaders will make choices that bring the most good to the most people. I hope we can find other ways to meet our energy demands. And I hope we can remember that it was a belief in God that created this great contry.

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