I suck

On October 8th we had a wellness screening at work. My blood pressure was good, but my cholesterol was high. I made an appointment to have a physical today. Blood pressure was still good, but my numbers came back high again.
Total cholesterol was 238. This should be below 200.
Bad cholesterol was 169. This should be below 100.
Triglycerides was 173. This should be below 150.
Good cholesterol was 34. This should be above 40.
I have to decrease the fat in my diet and increase my fiber and Omega 3’s. I have to go back to the doctor in 3-4 months. If my numbers don’t improve I will probably have to go in medication. Screw that. I will be a diet nazi and bring it down myself. But I still suck.

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2 thoughts on “I suck

  1. Aging is lame. Death is cool.

  2. remember, mr. nazi dieter that this is mostly genetics as you are an exercise maniac and eating healthy fanatic. I will still alter my cooking for you and stop making tempting desserts that bring up your cholesterol.

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