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Summary- Boise and 169 days later

We returned from our Boise trip on Monday. Coming home from vacation always sucks. We were able to help Erick and Tami at their new toy store called Sam’s Toy Box. It’s exciting to see their progress. We went to Big Jud’s for dinner for their one pound hamburger. It was huge. One burger fed most of us. I want to take my brothers up there and watch them put that thing away.We went roller blading in Ann Morrison park, visited Williamson’s orchard and Givens Hot Springs for a mineral bath. We also took the kids to Boise Zoo to see the penguins, which are the coolest bird in the world.
Work was much calmer than I expected on Tuesday. I only had to work for two days before my four day weekend. It’s rough. I start my Monday to Friday shift next week. I haven’t worked a normal shift for 6.5 years.

I had my last follow up appointment for my shoulder. The surgery was 169 days ago. I can mountain bike and play volleyball they way I have been doing it for the last two months. I will be back to normal in May, which means I can spar and grapple in Karate again.

Mike Both and I rode Corner Canyon in Draper this afternoon. We rode up Traverse Ridge, then down to Ghost Falls. It was a great Autumn ride with colored leaves covering the trail. I love to ride, and Corner Canyon is a great discovery.

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General Conference

General Conference is almost over. I don’t know how it’s possible, but every six months it seems to get better. The highlight for me was yesterday when President Thomas S. Monson announced there would be five new Temples, and one would be in Rome, Italy. I couldn’t believe it. Neither could the audience at the Conference Center. When I served my mission in Italy someone told me that the Italian police could enter any building at any time. I didn’t think Italy would ever see a Temple. I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Progress.

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