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Cheesecake Factory

We went to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. We were joined by Agent and Lisa Peck, Pesh and Liz Patel, and Paul and Liz Chavez. Paul Chavez is my Team Lead at work. His wife Liz is in our Training department. Liz Patel is another Team Lead at work. Agent Peck used to live in Eagle Mountain with us before he moved to American Fork like a Nancy Boy. He also used to work with me until he became an Infidel. The food and company were both great. Not a bad way to spend the day after a birthday.

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Today I turned 37ish. It was my first day back to work after our Boise trip so that sucked. And it took most of the day to catch up on my work. Brian Peterson gave me a Lehi Physical Therapy T-shirt after he tortured me. I taught two Karate classes, then rode my Micargi Falcon GT cruiser and drove my Corvette. Mom and Dad called me and Melissa Dearden got me Baja Tacos and Key Lime cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Shawn Clark called me from Baghdad yesterday, but I missed his call. His excuse was that it was the 29th in Iraq even though it was only the 28th here. I will hold on to that voice mail message. Not a bad birthday. At least DeLana will always be older than me. 😉

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We got home from Boise yesterday. It was the first time I’ve done more than pass through. We camped at Givens Hot Springs and took a mineral bath. It was about 112′ F. I’ve been looking for a hot tub that temperature my whole life. We bought fruit at an orchard on the way back to Boise. Erick gave me a tour of Meridian, Eagle, and the local Harley-Davidson shop. Someday. Erick and I watched The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen. That was cool. We took our kids to Ann Morrison and Kathryn Albertson parks. It was strange to see two deer in a park in the middle of the city. The kids loved the water fountain and playground in this picture. Utah should have parks like that. We had a great time and enjoyed our time with Erick, Tami and their funny kids. I wouldn’t mind living there at all. Chissa’.

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Independence Day

I got to take my girls to Stadium of Fire in Provo last night. They were very excited to see Miley Cyrus perform. I was excited to see the Blue Man Group. I’ve wanted to see them for a long time, so it worked out well for me. Glenn Beck was the MC, and though I haven’t seen or heard any of his programs, I was very impressed with him. He gets it. He understands what this country is about. Six stunt sky divers landed on the field, followed by four jets overhead. The fireworks were impressive, and we were close enough to get hit by the debris. It was a great chance to reflect on what the Independence Day means to me. I thought about Shawn and Darin, and how thankful I am for what they are doing. I don’t understand what they are going through, but I know it is hard on them, and they still do it. I’m proud of both of them, and I can’t wait until they get to come home. This is the greatest country in the world, and I hope we can live up to our destiny.

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Micargi Falcon GT

My Micargi Falcon GT cruiser bike arrived today while I was at work. I wanted to make myself throw up so I could come home, but Paul was gone and I had to stick it out. DeLana put it together and left me to tighten the seat and handlebars. I didn’t get much of a ride in yet, but enough to know that I like how it feels. I won’t be able to mountain bike until late October or November, so I’m glad to have something to ride for the rest of the summer.

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