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Supreme Court affirms individuals’ right to own guns

Published on: 06/26/08

I copied the link to this article. I’m disappointed that the ruling was 5-4 instead of 9-0, but I will take it. I’m glad I live in a state that values the rights of law-abiding citizens over that of criminals.

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50 days later

I saw Dr. Ritchie’s Physician’s Assistant today. My shoulder was sore from physical therapy yesterday. Brian is trying to kill me. I expect more of the same for the next several weeks as we work on the range of motion. The experience has been much better than I anticipated, so I can’t complain. I still won’t be able to spar or grapple in Karate until spring, but I’m hoping to get back to mountain biking in late October. Hopefully I can pull off another St. George trip.

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Celtic Pride

The Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA Championship by dismantling the LA Lakers 131-92 in Game 6 tonight in Boston. It was beautiful. I’ve never been a Celtics fan, but I hate the Lakers. I wanted the Celtics to close it out on Father’s Day in LA, but doing it for their home crowd must have been a dream come true. The Celtics broke the Finals steal record, completely embarrassing the Lakers. Defense was the key as Boston shut down Kobe Bryant. MV what? This series goes to show that basketball is a team sport. Kevin Garnett (center), Paul Pierce (right), Ray Allen (left) and James Posey shared the load to bring home the trophy. Ray Allen hit seven three point shots. Clutch. This was the best series since the Detroit Pistons beat the LA Lakers in five games.

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37days later

I had my shoulder surgery 37 days ago. Today was the first day that I didn’t wear my sling at all. I also started physical therapy with Brian Peterson at Lehi Physical Therapy. I saw him when we tried therapy before it was obvious that I needed surgery. It hurt, but the pain wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Next week should give me an idea of my timeline for recovery. I will avoid anything that puts my shoulder at risk so I can get back to my life as soon as possible. If nothing else, this gives me time to think.

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Today Joel Brown brought me the three new Mountain Dew drinks to work. Rachel Midgley brought me one too, so I felt obligated to drink all four while I was at work. The new drinks are Supernova, Revolution and Voltage, all designed by Dew drinkers. You can vote for your favorite one at There are 50 days left, and you can vote again every day until the contest is over. The winner will become the new Mountain Dew flavor. My favorite is the Supernova, and a close tie with Revolution and Voltage fighting for second place. Ben Byerly, Erick Hull and I went on a Dew run tonight so they could try them. I tried to get them to drink all three, but they are being Nancy Boys. I don’t really like Mountain Dew, but these three are pretty good.

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