The last hurrah

Kevin and I just got back from St. George today. We stayed at Reed’s house for a few days so I could mountain bike before I get shoulder surgery on Wednesday. I will most likely miss riding for the rest of the year, so I wanted to get down to the warm weather and great trails. Kev and I rode the Bearclaw Poppy Trail in reverse on Thursday and loved it.

Video of me on the Three Fingers of Death.

Video of Kev on the Acid Drops.

Agent Peck, Bevan Erickson and Evan Le Fevre joined us Thursday night, so we rode at Bearclaw Poppy again on Friday morning.

Video of Kev and Bevan on the Three Fingers of Death.

The store manager at Desert Bicycles said the Paradise Rim ride was better than Bearclaw, and it was really close to Reed’s house. It was nice to ride a different trail, but it wasn’t better than Bearclaw.

Video of Kev, me and Agent Peck on Paradise Rim.

On Saturday we rode the JEM trail outside of Hurricane. It was a great trail with a lot of variety. Kev’s dog Roxy was a little beat up after the ride, but she was a trooper. The JEM trail had great single track, good technical sections, and beautiful scenery.

The five of us on the JEM Trail: Evan, Steve, Kev, Bevan
and Shawn.

Kev, Evan, Agent Peck and Bevan on JEM.

Me by the river.

On Saturday we stopped at Red Rock Bike Shop to get tubes. Kev and I rode the cruiser bikes. I want one.

We played Guitar Hero II, Downhill Domination and MX Unleashed on PS2. We ate at Jack In The Box and the greasy tacos were just like I remembered as a kid. We ate at Lupita’s in Hurricane and the tacos were great. And the steak was great at Texas Roadhouse. So was the peanut M&M’s, Bottlecaps, Nutty Bars, pudding, Monster Lo-Carb and Rockstar Juiced. I tried to get it out of my system so I can clean it up after Wednesday.

It was nice to spend time with Kev, Agent Peck, Bevan and Evan. We did some fun trails and avoided any major injuries. Kev won with the biggest roadrash from crashing on a jump at Bearclaw. Bevan took second place on the same trail, but we avoided helicopters, broken bones, stitches and major surgery. Everyone got along and had a good time. I hate to say it, but I think St. George is my new Moab.

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