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Tonight I nuked my iPaq. I lost all my tasks, contacts and calendar items for the last five years. I was trying to sync with my computer, but the device wasn’t recognized. That was because we had to overhaul our computer after we got hit with several viruses. I tried to do a soft reset, but apparently I did a hard reset. I used my calendar to summarize what I did everyday, including my exercise. Now it’s all gone. I knew the iPaq would eventually die, but I wasn’t expecting it today. It might be time to switch to a pocket calendar.

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Back in the saddle

My 2nd Dan test is over and the other shoe has dropped. It looks like we will be staying put for a while. I got back on my mountain bike after a six month break, and I feel it now. Agent Peck and I rode the fire road/single track loop by my house and I was able to climb every hill. I passed on a few jumps because I feel a little bit clumsy, but I hit some other jumps and rode through both descents. It felt good to get back on my bike. I’m so excited to get out and play this summer. Winter was brutal and I’m glad to see it go.

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