2nd Dan Video

This is video of my first fight against Eric Loveless, a professional kick boxer, bounty hunter and mountain of a man.

Another fight. I did seven fights before this one, and three after. I was getting tired!

My bo kata from Friday night.

Chair defense from Friday night. Lance Grover was a great partner.

Kon Kudai. This is my most difficult form. Sensei Spencer was a great help in improving my skill and timing.

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3 thoughts on “2nd Dan Video

  1. I noticed a kick to the package in your chair defense demonstration. I do not recall this being an acceptable move in MMA? In my book this is comparable to pulling out a knife.

  2. Re: Chair Defense demo.The chair defense demonstration isn’t an MMA demo. If someone attacks me from a standing position while I am sitting minding my own business, they get what is coming to them.

  3. Yes, possibly you are correct. In your demonstration though, you have clearly already defended yourself from the would-be attacker. When you are out of danger, you must refrain from excessive force. There was no need for the package kick and in a real-life scenario, such a move could come back to haunt you.

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