We flew to Houston yesterday for my 2nd Dan Black Belt test. The test is tomorrow, but I wanted to have time to relax and adjust to the heat and humidity. We stayed up late visiting with Craig and Tammy. It’s nice to have this excuse to visit them. I was last here 2.5 years ago for my Black Belt test, so it’s nice to be back. I forgot how green Houston is. I was really nervous Tuesday until I had a private lesson with Sensei Spencer Pierce who helped me improve Kon Kudai. He took the time to fix everything that was wrong with my form and moves, and my confidence increased tremendously. Thanks Spencer.

I’ve felt like this surfer for the last several weeks. I’ve been on the verge of major changes, and most are out of my control at this point. It’s made me evaluate how I spend my time and what things I choose to accumulate. Regardless of the outcome, we will continue to purge and get rid of things we don’t want or need. I want to spend more time outside, more time with family and friends, and more time decompressing. I was really stressed about these changes, but a great friend talked me off the ledge, as it were. I have a different perspective now, and I will make the most out of whatever comes our way. My 2nd Dan test gives me something to focus on, and I’m very excited to be here.

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