Last night I went snowshoeing for the first time. Mike Both, Tim Shaw, Gerard Miller, Kraig Carlson and I started at 9:45 PM in American Fork Canyon at Tibble Fork Reservoir. We headed west up the mountain and blazed our own trail. The sky was clear and it was quite bright even though we couldn’t see the quarter moon. We hiked a good portion of the time without our headlamps. We heard a pack of coyotes and later found fresh tracks. We saw Orion, Casseopia and the Big Dipper. It was 43 degrees, and I wished we could have camped for the night. With such a harsh winter, snowshoeing is something that could make the cold Utah months more enjoyable. Mike, Tim and I ended the night at IHOP. The highlight there was Mike knocking over the tray of glasses as we left. The waitress put the tray behind Mike and left it, so it wasn’t his fault. But it was still funny.

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One thought on “Snowshoeing

  1. That sounds like a cool activity.

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