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Court, indexing and the snow cave

I went to court to support Matt in his hearing. It hurt to see him in scrubs and shackles. I hope the court will do the right thing and get him the help he needs. He was diagnosed with PTSD after two tours in Irag, and for whatever reason didn’t get the counseling he needs. He ended up in custody after a standoff with SWAT last week. The Matt that was arrested is not the Matt I know. I will continue to pray for him and do all I can to help him and his family, which doesn’t feel like much.

Today Mom showed me how to index records from I indexed 42 names in just a few minutes. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for several months, and I finally took the time to learn. I felt like what I was doing will make an impact on someone’s life soon. I want to continue doing this to help the genealogy cause.

We played in the snow cave again before we crushed it. Our yard isn’t fenced and Mom gave me a hard time about the access to the cave. We let everyone take a turn and jumping on top to try and crush it. The cave was stronger than I expected. Raven’s friend Mikah did the most damage. I’m sure this will become an annual event.

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Snow cave

I hate cold weather, and I’m sick of the snow. This is the most snow we’ve had in the last 10 years. Snow is beautiful, but I hate shoveling it and I hate driving in it. Last night Mason informed me that our neighbor made a snow cave so we needed one too. I created a snow pile against the retaining wall and started carving. Mason, Jaxon and I couldn’t all sleep in the cave, but the boys could. This was my first attempt at a snow cave and I think it turned out well. We finished our adventure with hot chocolate. It was a great way to spend the morning on a day off.

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New First Presidency

Today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced the new President of the Church and his counselors. Thomas S. Monson is the new Prophet and President of the Church, with Henry B. Eyring as First Counselor and Dieter F. Uchtdorf as Second Counselor. President Hinckley was a great prophet and leader, and we are excited to follow and support President Monson. He has been my favorite speaker among the Quorum of the Twelve since I was a teenager, and I’m excited to see where he leads the Church. Henry B. Eyring is half a step behind Thomas S. Monson for me, so I’m excited to hear from him and President Uchtdorf. I attended a Regional Conference in California after my mission where Henry B. Eyring spoke as a member of the Quorum of The Seventy. I was so impressed with him, and I remembered him by name when he was called to The Quorum of The Twelve. I think this new calling will give President Eyring and President Uchtdorf valuable experience and exposure. They are junior members of the Quorum of The Twelve, and no doubt will be here for decades. We look forward to watching them mature in the leadership of the Church. We are also anxious to see who will be the next member of the Quorum of The Twelve.

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It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. Last night as I spoke to some family members I was inspired to blog more frequently. I have kept a daily journal for almost 17 years, so my thoughts and experiences are being recorded. But blogging is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends so I will do better.

Many changes have occured in the last week or so. Most notable was the passing of our prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. He was a great man that did much good around the world. He will always be remembered for his sense of humor and kindness. I will miss him, but I know he is in a better place and has been reunited with his wife and family. I know the Church is in the Lord’s hands and he has prepared the new prophet for what lays ahead. This morning my daughter said she didn’t want to die. We tried to explain to her that it’s a necessary part of life, and once you are gone you will be free from pain and suffering. I’m not sure she fully understood, but she will some day.

I’m recovering from my man surgery. I spent three days in bed with an ice pack. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, and it gave me a great excuse to watch movies and play video games. My son is getting really good at his TMNT’s game and Downhill Domination. I wish I could really ride a bike like that.

I started Journal #54 about a week ago. I hope to be able to write until the day I die. It is great therapy, and I want my family to know me when I’m gone. I’ve been wondering lately if I will die young or old, and I don’t have a feeling either way. I would not be surprised if I have to battle cancer during my life, but I already know how I will tackle that. My friend Rob had Hodgkinson’s lymphoma when I met him. I watched him go through chemo and I decided that I would never do that unless I had a good chance of beating cancer. I won’t do it to extend my life by a few months. Rob beat his cancer several years ago like we knew he would. For him it appears to have been a good choice.

Life is full of choices, and everyday we see the evidence of good and bad choices. While I miss seeing new episodes of The Office, NCIS and The Unit, along with the delayed start of 24, it’s been nice to find other things to do with myself. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because most people have given up by now. I believe in making goals for things I want to accomplish, then allow myself to accomplish those goals at any time during the year. I also made a list of things I want to try or revisit this year, like drawing and photography. I went to the funeral of Gene Jacobs and Ted Harward in November and December, and I realized that I need to take the time to develop my talents and try new things before I watch my life slip away. We tend to get bogged down with too many distractions, and I’m working hard to remove the things that just don’t matter. I want to be able to look back on my life and be pleased with the things I’ve experienced and accomplished. I will post my 2K8 List and Self Improvement Ideas shortly. I also created a Before I Die List, which I like to call my BID List, before The Bucket List movie was made with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I was first, but it’s still a good idea. I just don’t want to wait until I am dying to appreciate what could have been.

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