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Merry Christmas Max = PC sucks

It’s been two weeks since we got a black lab puppy. My son called him Max and it stuck. Max was our main Christmas present to our kids. He is a cute puppy and we are all thrilled to have him.

It’s Christmas Eve and snowing outside. I remember the days when we used to be able to say Merry Christmas to each other. Now we have to say Happy Holidays so we don’t offend anyone else. Screw that. This is a Christian nation and we should be able to wish each other well with a Christian holiday expression. I don’t care if you aren’t a Christian. Accept the expression as a sign of good will and stop being a tool. I’m not offended if someone wishes me a happy Kwanza, Hanakuh or Hitler’s birthday. Why is everyone so offended by anything someone else has to say? How does the receiver have more right to avoid hearing something than the giver does to say it? I’m not talking about hateful words or expressions, but well-wishes, usually from one stranger to another. The Bill of Rights protects the freedom of speech, not the freedom to avoid hearing. Get over yourselves you pricks. I’m sick of PC. Instead of politically correct we should be concerned with correct. What ever happened to the most good for the most people? Screw the loud, obnoxious sliver of a minority. Most good for the most people. Period.

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