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It’s Halloween, so I have to talk about Monsters. I had my first energy drink about 14 months ago. I went on a bender for a while there, but now I don’t even drink one a week. I usually only turn to the energy in a pinch, but today is a special occasion. Rockstar is a cool name for an energy drink, because everyone secretly wants to wear leather pants and a tophat like Slash, but Monster is a superior beverage. I started with the original, or green can, then tried Assault and Khaos. Sadly, I’m not too impressed with Assault, but Khaos is excellent. When uttering the word Khaos you must lower your voice and speak in a scary tone. If you live in SLC you might have heard Darby on KBER 101.1 talk about his Chaos show. Think of it like that. If not, beat it. Khaos is a great tasting energy drink, but high in calories, so I’ve turned to Monster Lo-Carb. Now I like the blue better than the green. Monster also makes an M-80, which is great for July 4th. Monster just rules.

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