Mr. Clark had a statue in front of the Provo house. For some reason he tore it down. Maybe she was too beautiful for the neighborhood. She found her way to Kiowa Valley and has made the rounds on birthdays. Today she ended up on my doorstep with an Aloha sign. I immediately knew Susan had a hand in it. She knows how I feel about Aloha. It’s Hawaiian for “Hello, and I demand you say it back to me.” I will not be compelled. I remain silent whenever I hear that foul word. Things might change if I ever make it to Hawaii, but that won’t happen any time soon.

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2 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. it only bothers me when someone says the Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Spoken in sacrament meeting

  2. Piccolo Tuono,First off, since you didn’t reply to my email wishing you happy birthday, I reiterate, Happy Birthday! I’m sure riding around on your bike attempting to force yourself to vomit was not nearly as fun as sweating in Bologna while tracting.I share your “Aloha” boycott sentiment and agent Peck’s comment about the use of it in Sac Mtg. That makes me want to cast unripe coconuts at the speaker when I hear it. It is disruptive, irreverent, and annoyingly self-promoting. It makes the talk, or worse, testimony, all about the person. It is ok to make classroom lessons interactive, but it does not meet with chapel decorum. I think “Aloha,” literally translated, means “Hey everybody, look how cool I am, now you tell me you think I’m cool too or my large friends will rugby scrum you until you do.”-Lampino

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