Fear killer

Today was a rough day at work. I couldn’t get rid of my headache and I was dragging all day. The Monster Lo-Carb energy drink took the edge off the headache more than the pills. I jumped on my bike hoping to cause myself to throw up, thus feeling better. I never threw up, but I felt better. I rode the south single track by my house, hitting some good jumps. I came to the section that Mike Both rolled a few days ago. After about eight approaches I finally rolled it. And I lived, so I did it again. I have a policy that originated in mountain biking- if you can do it once you are lucky. If you can do it twice you can do it. I rolled it twice so I can do it. The problem with that section is that it doesn’t look like you should be able to roll over it because it is so steep. It looks like a guaranteed endo, but it’s stupid easy. It made me think about how many times we hold ourselves back because of how we perceive the situation. We are only born with two fears- being dropped and loud noises. Every other fear is learned, and then it’s so hard to unlearn. Time to hit the books. **Picture was taken after this posting, by Agent Peck on 7/19/07**

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  1. behold the awesomeness

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