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Mr. Clark had a statue in front of the Provo house. For some reason he tore it down. Maybe she was too beautiful for the neighborhood. She found her way to Kiowa Valley and has made the rounds on birthdays. Today she ended up on my doorstep with an Aloha sign. I immediately knew Susan had a hand in it. She knows how I feel about Aloha. It’s Hawaiian for “Hello, and I demand you say it back to me.” I will not be compelled. I remain silent whenever I hear that foul word. Things might change if I ever make it to Hawaii, but that won’t happen any time soon.

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Fear killer

Today was a rough day at work. I couldn’t get rid of my headache and I was dragging all day. The Monster Lo-Carb energy drink took the edge off the headache more than the pills. I jumped on my bike hoping to cause myself to throw up, thus feeling better. I never threw up, but I felt better. I rode the south single track by my house, hitting some good jumps. I came to the section that Mike Both rolled a few days ago. After about eight approaches I finally rolled it. And I lived, so I did it again. I have a policy that originated in mountain biking- if you can do it once you are lucky. If you can do it twice you can do it. I rolled it twice so I can do it. The problem with that section is that it doesn’t look like you should be able to roll over it because it is so steep. It looks like a guaranteed endo, but it’s stupid easy. It made me think about how many times we hold ourselves back because of how we perceive the situation. We are only born with two fears- being dropped and loud noises. Every other fear is learned, and then it’s so hard to unlearn. Time to hit the books. **Picture was taken after this posting, by Agent Peck on 7/19/07**

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Mike Both is glorious

Mike Both and I rode our dividing valley, then dropped in on the Eagle Mountain single track #3. We hit the jumps more consistently today. Mike saw someone ride through a difficult section last week and decided to try it. It’s 2-3 feet of steep rock, and it looks like you couldn’t possibly ride over it. It would be great as a jump, but it goes straight into a hard right turn. You could probably wheelie drop it and control your speed to make the turn. Riding over would be my last option, but Mike lowered his seat and did it. Twice. There is a diverging road just passed being a man. To the left is stupidity, and to the right is glory. Mike took the fork to the right. He is glorious. **This picture was taken after the posting, by Agent Peck on 7/19/07**

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Never give up

When I was about 20 I was engaged in a difficult task with no sign of success. I was becoming discouraged and questioned how long I should continue without achieving any amount of success. I never answered my question. Fifteen years later I now have the answer. I probably had it before now, but recent events have brought it back in to view. You don’t give up. Like all things in life I will add my disclaimer. I worked for a financial services company years ago that resembled MLM. I worked very hard to make money there, but after two years I had nothing to show for it while all around me other people rolled in the cash. I made cold calls to 100 people a day for over a week. I exhausted my contact list. After two years my licenses expired. That was my exit sign. I was discouraged because I felt like I had been kicking against the pricks. I quit that, but I didn’t quit trying to build a better life for my family. Sometimes you just have to steer a new course. That is my only disclaimer. I’ve crashed on my bike over 30 times. I won’t quit. Three broken toes and 18 stitches from Karate and I won’t quit. This all came to bear when my son asked me to help him learn to ride his bike yesterday. We tried a few weeks ago and he didn’t quit get it. After a few crashes he wanted to quit. I told him he would learn to ride his bike or spend the day crashing. He crashed about 10 times before he took me seriously. After every crash I pointed out that he was giving up when he tried to turn and got scared. I emphasized the importance of persistence and we tried again. Then he got it. I couldn’t get him off the bike. He is still nervous about turning to the right and he needs help to start, but he can ride his bike. I explained to him that we don’t quit just because something is difficult or painful. Too many people in this world give up because things aren’t easy. The saddest part is when someone gives up on their dreams. I gave up on one dream. I didn’t think I would have a Corvette by the time I was 35, and it came out of nowhere because it became important to someone else. I was called out several times by that person and we made it happen. I don’t want to be like that again. I look forward to the time that I get a Corvette Z07. I will continue to work hard and push forward. Life will do its best to knock you down, so you get back up and hit back. Again and again until the fight is over. We don’t give up just because it’s the easy way out.
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