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Fountain pen

It’s been over a month, and being back at work after a vacation sucks. I took the week off after Memorial Day weekend, so being back after two good vacations really sucks. I had a conversation with Mr. Clark while in Las Vegas before we got our shave at the Art of Shaving in the Mandalay Bay shops. Fountain pens entered the conversation, and I remembered back to a time in Lucca when I used a friend’s fountain pen. I thought they were cool then, and I still think so now. I have written a daily journal for over 16 years, making 52 journals so far. I thought I might like to use a fountain pen to write in my journal, but I was concerned about the quality of the ink. Mr. Clark and I recently bought ourselves fountain pens. He opted for an Acme rollerball that converts to a fountain pen. I went for the Cross ATX in blue and silver. Buyer’s remorse set in because of the price, and I began to search Ebay for a better alternative. I found the same pen in red and gold, but saved $55 after shipping. I love the blue pen, but not an additional $55 worth. I returned the original pen and anxiously awaited the arrival of the red pen. It came with two ink cartridges and a converter for use with ink wells. The ink ran when I got it wet, but I knew this would probably happen, so I had anticipated using it for trivial writing. I found Noodlers ink, which is acid-free and permanent. I found a lot of black, red, green and blue ink on Ebay, then tested it. Waterproof. All four colors belong to the Bulletproof line of inks from Noodlers. I’m excited to continue writing in my journal with my new fountain pen, as well as having a nice pen to go with a nice suit and tie.

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