Corvette Summer

Last Wednesday I obtained a two-tone gray 1978 25th anniversary Corvette T-top. When I was about 17 I had a goal to get a Corvette by the time I was 35. Someone close to me insisted that I work it out since I am 35. With their help I did. I have to have the exhaust system overhauled, but it is so much fun to drive. I took the top off on Thursday and Friday. T-tops rule. This will be my Summer car since rearwheel drive Corvettes don’t do well in the snow. Some people have motorcycles or snowmobiles. I now have a Corvette. My kids love to ride in it. They love it when I pick them up from school.

The Corvette actually goes along with my BID list, or Before I Die list. I started making a list of things I want to do before I die. I don’t want to get to the end of my life, look back and regret not doing certain things. I don’t want to see a life of working too much, enjoying life too little or not spending enough time with my family. I think that is the reason I’m looking forward to spring and summer so much this year. I want to do a lot of mountain bike riding, martial arts training, and spending time with my family and “core” friends. You know who you are.

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2 thoughts on “Corvette Summer

  1. You gas-guzzling massive carbon footprinting mid-life crisis suffering mountain-biking ninja-kicking neanderthal! A true 21st century metrosexual male would have acquired a Prius. I’ll bet your macho manhood makes you squish fireflies instead of remembering them fondly, as I do.If a ninja-trained Carabinieri SWAT team rams in your door, cuffs you, and drags you into the night, it will be because I turned you in for illegally trespassing in an abandoned decaying house on private property adjacent to San Luca! Remember, blogging is just a continuation of your journal, only I don’t recommend sitting half in and half out of your Bologna apartment window while blogging. You might fall and scratch someone’s Vespa. Enough from me already, I am late for my meeting with the scimmia barbuta!

  2. I will have you know I spent a good deal of time watching fireflies in Lafayette Park last summer. I miss that place as much as the other.

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