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Gooseberry Mesa. And God wins.

Friday night I drove down to St. George with Mike Both and Time Shaw. We met up with Bruce, Mike, Chad, Dom, and Matt of fame. We stayed at Bruce’s condo that night, then tackled Gooseberry Mesa Saturday morning. The first part of the ride was fun, until Mike Both lost his back brakes and had to return to the car for repairs. That was the only mechanical problem, and it happened early on and we recovered. I went down a few times, but I had several more near-misses. My hip was out, and Secret Train really put a strain on me. I had to walk a large section at the end of the train because the pain was sapping my strength and ability to negotiate several sections. There were a lot of sandy spots and pedaling through that only put more strain on my hip and back. Overall, Secret Trail sucked. The first part was average, so it wasn’t worth the pain I endured at the end of the section. I also got cramps in both legs at the same time for the first time in my life. That wasn’t fun, but Power Gel and a little stretching made the cramps go away. We then moved to Hidden Canyon, and the terrain was different and took the strain off of me. I was able to start doing wheelie drops and riding up tough sections again. Mike, Tim and I split from the group and took the North Rim trail back to the car. That section was really cool too. I felt good at the end of the ride. Secret Trail was the definite low spot of the ride. Pain aside, it still wouldn’t have been fun to me if I had been in perfect health. I was worried about my fitness level on the ride, but that wasn’t a factor. I rode the valley at Unity Pass with Agent Peck last week, and I had no stamina. He kicked my butt up those trails. My hip and back pain held me back, but not my heart or lungs. It was nice to get away for a short trip. It was a new trail and a change of scenery. I’m so excited for mountain bike season to be here.

I think Man has made some amazing things. I really like looking at buildings to examine the architecture. I love arches and pillars. Lincoln Memorial, David, the US Capitol, Eiffel Tower, castles, the Salt Lake Temple, and many other buildings. Then I see the things God has made, and He wins. We came to a lookout on the Gooseberry Mesa trail that was unlike anything I have every scene. I didn’t have a camera, and I can’t describe it, but it was so beautiful. I’ve had similar experiences at Moab and other parts of southern Utah. I love moutain biking because it puts me in the heart of nature. I’m surrounded by the things God created for my enjoyment. There are times when moutain biking is a spiritual experience for me. He takes my breath away.

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