Failed Moab trip

Agent Peck, Jeff S. and I had great aspirations for going to Moab on Friday for a mountain bike road trip, but we were defeated by the weather. I was hoping to perform drops like this picture, soaking up the sun in one of my favorite places, but the snow held us back. Agent Peck and I drank Von Dutch and played Guitar Hero 2 on my PS2. I admit that I was skeptical. It sounded like a lame karaoke video game, and I hate karaoke. I would have to be severely drunk to do that, and that will only happen if I make it to Cabo Wabo and hang out with Sammy Hagar. But the game was pretty fun. I wish Moab had worked out, but there will be plenty of time for riding this summer.
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3 thoughts on “Failed Moab trip

  1. Live and let rock

  2. Is Van Dutch’s caffeine content compatible with the WofW? Il Lampino want to know!BTW,Mrs. Lampino and I went to a ward dinner group in CA in 2006 and the theme was “rock.” The entertainment? Guitar Hero 1, the first time we had ever heard of or seen it. It was a riot (but not a Quiet Riot), and we just had to add that game to our home entertainment offerings. Now the teenage Lampina and her friends rock out at sleepovers in our casa. E’ troppo divertente!

  3. Chissa’, ma mi piacce. Il Monster mi piacce un sacco.

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