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Failed Moab trip

Agent Peck, Jeff S. and I had great aspirations for going to Moab on Friday for a mountain bike road trip, but we were defeated by the weather. I was hoping to perform drops like this picture, soaking up the sun in one of my favorite places, but the snow held us back. Agent Peck and I drank Von Dutch and played Guitar Hero 2 on my PS2. I admit that I was skeptical. It sounded like a lame karaoke video game, and I hate karaoke. I would have to be severely drunk to do that, and that will only happen if I make it to Cabo Wabo and hang out with Sammy Hagar. But the game was pretty fun. I wish Moab had worked out, but there will be plenty of time for riding this summer.
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Double fortnight

It’s been just over a double fortnight since I last posted anything. This picture is Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I’ve been busy at work writing and delivering reviews. I took the family to Midway to the new Trendwest resort. That was a nice break. I discovered that I don’t mind cold weather if I’m in a place that feels like it should be cold. Midway has a strong Swiss influence and it felt like a scene from the Jason Bourne trilogy. My sister had her baby two days ago. I’m hoping to see him today. I got up at 4am yesterday and today because our Charlotte office was hit with a bad storm. The drive in was nice. I started watching The Office regularly. It is hilarious. I hope the Colts win the Super Bowl. I want to see Peyton Manning get a championship. Our ward split last week so I was released as the Sunday School President. I can’t wait for spring. I’ve got the mountain bike bug. I’ve done a few snow rides in the last two weeks. I took a pretty bad hit three weeks ago. My shoulder hurt the worst but healed the fastest. I had a sweet goose egg where the pedal hit my shin and I cut my knee. Worth it. We have a Moab road trip planned in a few weeks. Can’t wait for that.

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