Monthly Archives: January 2007

Ten days off

These are the things I did with my 10 days off:
Collected scrap wood 3x
Shot airsoft pistols w/ my son
Ran 1x
Played w/ my router table
Made a ruler organizer for mother-in-law
Made oven handle for Karen
Went to Cabela’s 3x
Bought a jump rope and used it once
Got a new derailluer cable on my Gemini
Mountain bike snow ride 1x
Went to Big 5
Changed front brakes on the van
Visited with Lori & Briana
Helped teach Karate classes
Saddam Hussein was executed
Organized my garage shelves w/ my daughter
Shooting w/ Ben, Shawn, Brian & Brandon
Saw Rocky Balboa
Watched UFC 66- Chuck Liddell knocked out Tito Ortiz- again
Played Redsteel on the Wii
Party at Reed’s house
Party at Shawn’s house
Watched BSU beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl
Went to the chiropractor
Ate at Red Lobster
Took several naps
Exercised a lot
Wrestled w/ my kids
Watched Airwolf
Watched parts of several Bowl games
Watched parts of seven James Bond movies

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