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Agent Peck’s super cool ramp

Agent Peck brought his super cool ramp to my house yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a good picture of the ramp, but we got this cool picture of me. The ramp is about 15 feet long. I want to build another 50 feet of ramp. You can see how he built it. I was thoroughly impressed with Agent Peck’s efforts. Inspired by the ramps in North Shore.

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Fire quote

Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day.
Light a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.
Glock forum

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Election Day and other things

Today is Election Day, the day we actually believe the idiots that lie to us about all the great things they are going to do. They do nothing, and we don’t hold them accountable. I have to blame myself, because I don’t take the time to follow the politicians so I can hold them accountable. I am going to make a concerted effort to do better. I live in a country where I can vote and make a difference. If we don’t believe that then we might as well move to Red China. I mean California. I mean hell. I mean…..

On to other things. Today is my third straight day of running. I have not run consistently since I was in high school, and I know why. We had pretty girls on the cross country team that wore spandex shorts. And I weighed 40 pounds less back then. It just isn’t fun anymore, but I want to trim down. I don’t have the physical or mental stamina to push it hard yet, but I’m determined to get passed that.

I just have to complain about the State of Utah and the Utah Department of Transportation, disaffectionately known as UDOT. Utah finally put in a carpool lane recently, but they decided that people were using the carpool lane as a pssing lane, so some genius came up with the idea to paint solid white lines between the two lanes some people can be fined for crossing the lines. Instead of ticketing the idiots that use the carpool lane to pass, they made it so people eligible for the carpool lane can now be ticketed if they try to get to the carpool lane at the wrong time. The idea of painting solid white lines, thereby creating an opportunity to ticket someone, is bad enough. The worst part is, whoever painted the lines put them in the wrong place. The solid white lines don’t end to allow you to get out and use the exit. And if you are entering the freeway you can’t enter the carpool lane for quite some time. It’s like the dotted line was supposed to be the two solid lines, and the solid lines were supposed to be the dotted line. Leave it to idiot politicians to come up with a stupid idea, then fail to even implement the stupid idea correctly. Morons. Go ahead and waste more tax payer money you incompetent rejects.

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