The end of the graveyard shift

Tonight marks the end of the graveyard shift. E*Trade is switching to VoIP, and our old phone system can’t function at the same time. I’ve spent nearly five years on this shift, dating back to CSFBdirect. I spent about five weeks on the day shift before I was brought back to where I belong. There is some talk about bringing the shift back in January when the phone system is built. I will definitely look at coming back if the shift is as good as it is now. I love working 4X10. I would love to do 2X20 or 1X40. Then I would have the rest of the week to recover. As of right now I am going to a modified swing shift. I will be working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 11:30-10 pm. We marked the death of our shift with pancakes, a Chocodile and PS2. Agent Crawley worked us on the James Bond games. He is ruthless. I think he had secrect government training, but I haven’t been able to confirm that yet. Most of us will be on the same shift together, but it won’t be quite the same. It’s been a good run.

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5 thoughts on “The end of the graveyard shift

  1. Hey, I won a couple rounds.

  2. Diet Pepsi rules and this blog is nancy.

  3. You are Nancy and Diet Pepsi is for girls.

  4. Check THIS out fetcher.

  5. New England picked Diet Pepsi. They suck. They make chowder instead of chili. That’s Nancy.

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