UFC 62

Chuck Liddell defended his Light Heavyweight title against Renato Sobral on Saturday night. Liddell knocked out Sobral with a roundhouse kick three years ago. Since then, Sobral has submitted 10 straight opponents. Liddell has awesome stand up and good grappling skills, while Sobral is a great grappler. Liddell said he wanted to keep the fight off the ground so he could look for the opening and delivery a knockout blow. The fight lasted 95 seconds, with Liddell knocking out Sobral with a barrage of punches. Liddell took several punches to the face before he stepped back and hit Sobral with a right hook that put him off balance. He followed up with a few punches, then a solid upper cut. Once Sobral went to the ground the punches fell from the sky. Dave McCarthy stopped the fight, but Sobral was totally disoriented and grabbed his leg, trying to take him down. McCarthy rolled on top of Sobral and contained him until he realized what had happened. Liddell should be fighting Vanderlei Silva or Tito Ortiz next. I want to see Ortiz get knocked out again. He is too cocky for someone not owning the LHW belt. He is a good fighter, but Liddell knocked him out. I hope it happens again.

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