It’s been more than a fortnight since my last entry. I spent a week at Lake Powell, then tried to catch up on all the things I don’t do. Lake Powell was a great vacation after an eight year hiatus. That was too long. Lake Powell will now be a yearly retreat. We found a great spot in Moki Canyon. The lake was a lot lower than the last time I was there, but someone said the water level is higher than it was last year. We had a good time wake boarding, tubing, cliff jumping, fishing and swimming.

Agent Peck just discovered that the Karate Kid kick works. I’m not really sure what kind of kick it was, but it seemed to work. I think he scared himself.

Chuck Lidell is fighting Babalu Sobral this weekend in UFC 62. I hope Lidell knocks him out. I was at the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas in early July. I took a grappling class from Frank Shamrock and got my picture taken with Matt Hughes, Frank Shamrock and Bill Wallace. We got tickets to UFC 61. There were some good fights, but the Tito Ortiz/Ken Shamrock fight was not one of them. I think the ref stopped the fight too soon. Tito acted like a punk after the fight. He was talking too much trash for someone who doesn’t even hold the title for his weight class anymore. Chuck Lidell knocked him out. This was my first Supershow and it was awesome. I want to make a point of getting down there for it every year. The MAIA gave Chuck Norris a lifetime achievement award. You can find cool Chuck Norris facts on my blog link.

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