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People I want to fight

Tom Cruise
Michael Jackson
Macaulay Culkin
Power Rangers
Tim Robbins
John Kerry
Alec Baldwin
Ted Kennedy
Dell Schanze
George Steinbrenner
Ted Turner
Jared- the Subway idiot
Rocky Anderson
Leonardo Di Caprio
Dr. Phil
Osama bin Laden
All boy band members

The following women need a stiff uppercut:
Martha Stewart
Rosie O’Donnell
Whoopi Goldberg
Cameron Diaz
Susan Sarandon
Julia Roberts
Hillary Clinton
Diane Feinstein
Barbara Boxer
Cindy Sheehan
Jane Fonda
Deedee Corradini
Paris Hilton
Nicole Ritchie
Dixie Chicks
Alanis Morisette
Roseanne Barr
Courtney Love
Barbara Streistand
Any woman who hyphenates her last name

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UFC 62

Chuck Liddell defended his Light Heavyweight title against Renato Sobral on Saturday night. Liddell knocked out Sobral with a roundhouse kick three years ago. Since then, Sobral has submitted 10 straight opponents. Liddell has awesome stand up and good grappling skills, while Sobral is a great grappler. Liddell said he wanted to keep the fight off the ground so he could look for the opening and delivery a knockout blow. The fight lasted 95 seconds, with Liddell knocking out Sobral with a barrage of punches. Liddell took several punches to the face before he stepped back and hit Sobral with a right hook that put him off balance. He followed up with a few punches, then a solid upper cut. Once Sobral went to the ground the punches fell from the sky. Dave McCarthy stopped the fight, but Sobral was totally disoriented and grabbed his leg, trying to take him down. McCarthy rolled on top of Sobral and contained him until he realized what had happened. Liddell should be fighting Vanderlei Silva or Tito Ortiz next. I want to see Ortiz get knocked out again. He is too cocky for someone not owning the LHW belt. He is a good fighter, but Liddell knocked him out. I hope it happens again.

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Bands I hate

This is my list of bands I hate. There are bands that I don’t really like, but this is the list of the ones that piss me off to no end. I wish all of their music would be destroyed so no one would have to listen to it again. These guys suck. In no particular order, the losers are………

Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
All boy bands
Beach boys
Blind melon
Dire Straits
Courtney Love
Avril Lavigne
Fiona Apple
Ace of Base
Dixie Chicks
Alien Ant Farm
Black Crowes
Eric Carmen
Celine Dion
Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs
Gloria Estefan/MSM
Barbara Streistand
Alanis Morissette
Violent Femmes
Carly Simon
Eric Clapton
Tom Petty
Billy Idol
Michael Bolton
David Bowie
Cyndi Lauper
Mr. Mister
Ricky Martin
John Mayer
Wang Chung
Melissa Ethridge

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Jeremy Sanderson ordered a Versaflex stretch machine for me from Century. It arrived yesterday so he brought it to the dojo this morning. I opened it after class even though I should have gone to bed. I tried the Versaflex at the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas in July and I was really impressed with it. Then I tried to put it together. The assembly itself wasn’t hard, but the instruction booklet was the worst I’ve ever seen. The diagrams were horrible. The instructions referred to part numbers, which corresponded to the master parts list, but there was no way to determine which bolt was the proper bolt. Two different bolts were the same size, but one was threaded halfway while the other was completely threaded. I thought I was using the correct bolts, but I had to switch them out later. It took me almost 90 minutes to put it together. They should have marked the bolts, or at least included a size chart with the actual measurements for comparison. I don’t think I have all the bolts in the right place, but it seems to work. I called the number listed on the machine, but it was disconnected, so I called Century to complain. I wish I could revise the instruction book. I used it before and after I slept today. I’m hoping that twice a day will help me do the splits by the end of the year. I’m really pleased with it now, but the assembly sucked.

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It’s been more than a fortnight since my last entry. I spent a week at Lake Powell, then tried to catch up on all the things I don’t do. Lake Powell was a great vacation after an eight year hiatus. That was too long. Lake Powell will now be a yearly retreat. We found a great spot in Moki Canyon. The lake was a lot lower than the last time I was there, but someone said the water level is higher than it was last year. We had a good time wake boarding, tubing, cliff jumping, fishing and swimming.

Agent Peck just discovered that the Karate Kid kick works. I’m not really sure what kind of kick it was, but it seemed to work. I think he scared himself.

Chuck Lidell is fighting Babalu Sobral this weekend in UFC 62. I hope Lidell knocks him out. I was at the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas in early July. I took a grappling class from Frank Shamrock and got my picture taken with Matt Hughes, Frank Shamrock and Bill Wallace. We got tickets to UFC 61. There were some good fights, but the Tito Ortiz/Ken Shamrock fight was not one of them. I think the ref stopped the fight too soon. Tito acted like a punk after the fight. He was talking too much trash for someone who doesn’t even hold the title for his weight class anymore. Chuck Lidell knocked him out. This was my first Supershow and it was awesome. I want to make a point of getting down there for it every year. The MAIA gave Chuck Norris a lifetime achievement award. You can find cool Chuck Norris facts on my blog link.

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Energy drinks

I have never tried an energy drink until tonight. Then I tried two. The first was sugar free Von Dutch. The second was Mega Energy mango-passionfruit. Both tasted pretty good, but I don’t think I would pay $2/can for them. I didn’t notice a big spike in my energy like I expected. My manager owns a gas station and the two drinks weren’t selling very well, so he brought them to work so he could make room for something else. I tried them both since they were free, but I wouldn’t pay $2 to try something like this just to see what it was like. When I still lived in California I found a drink called Brainwash. This was in 1994 before energy drinks really hit the market. That was a wicked drink. It turned everything blue. Everything. I tried to buy some on Ebay several months ago but the seller never sent it and was kicked off of Ebay. Punk. You can find it on It is the best drink ever.

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Agent Peck is super cool

Agent Peck is super cool. He helped me set up my blog and wrote the code to improve it. He is the best hacker on the sixth floor.

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Peanut M&M’s are better than plain M&M’s.
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Night shift

After 15 years of keeping a daily journal, I decided to start my first blog. Since I work the night shift for E*Trade Financial I will have plenty of time to air my grievances and write about the things that should interest everyone else. I was started working for DLJdirect on July 10, 2000. Within one year we were sold and became CSFBdirect. I went to the night shift after being with the company for about 17 months. After about two years with the company we were sold to the Bank of Montreal and became Harrisdirect. Bank of Montreal owns Harris Bank in Chicago, and the merged us with their pathetic attempt at an online brokerage firm. In October 2005, BOM sold us to E*Trade Financial. We were all worried that E*Trade would lay off our office, but we are still here almost a year later. E*Trade has been much better to work for than I originally expected. We merged from Harrisdirect to E*Trade on January 11, 2006. Work sucked for the next few months. We had all kinds of technical problems with the merger. We went from holding about five calls at Harrisdirect to 250 calls the first night of the merger. The night shift has always been a great work environment because we are busy for the first half of the shift and slow the second half. There were five of us on the night we held 250 calls. Our customers were so mad. We had people holding for hours to talk to us. We knew we could never get through all the calls in one night. The next morning we transferred over 100 calls to our Charlotte office. We don’t like them anyway. It took a few months for the calls to go away. We earned our overtime in those months. I worked a 22 hour shift one day. E*Trade rented out Boondocks for a company party to apologize for the merger. They gave away tons of prizes. I ended up with a $150 gift card to Cabela’s. As it turned out, E*Trade was severely understaffed, so we finally had a chance for promotions in our office. I was able to act as a Team Lead and have time off the phone to help manage the new night shift. The veterans went to the weekend night shift, so we had rookies that needed a lot of help. In May I was officially promoted to a Team Lead and went to a day shift after 4 1/2 years on the night shift. I missed the night shift. It was in my blood at that point. It took a few weeks to get used to living like the rest of the world. I was so tired the first week. On July 10, 2006, I was sent back to the night shift as a Team Lead after about seven weeks in the sunlight.

This is where I belong. I see my kids more on this shift and it lets me teach Karate and mountain bike during the day. I work from 6:30 pm to 5 am four days a week. I wish I could work 2X20 and have five days off, but 4X10 in awesome. It makes the weekend feel so much longer. I never hit traffic and I don’t have to be around a lot of people that I probably don’t like anyway. The night shift rules.

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