Throwing rocks in the river

I took the dogs to Colliding Rivers again this morning to throw rocks in the river. I used to love doing that as a kid. I remember doing that on the Truckee, American and Russian Rivers.  I remember one time, but not the location, when we were with Rod and Janine and we tried to hit a small hole in a big rock across a river.  I like to skip rocks and just throw them in the river.  I like hearing the sound of the rushing water, seeing the white water and just relaxing.  It’s a good thing I moved so close to a cool river.

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Fathers and sons outing at Steamboat

We had our fathers and sons outing at Steamboat last night. We went with Shawn, Seth and Sam. It was fun to have boy time.img_1369

This is our camping area.

This is the North Umpqua River.

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I still remember


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North Umpqua Trail at Swiftwater

I tried a new section of the North Umpqua Trail system yesterday.  This section is seven miles from the house.  The trail was really smooth, so Mason and Jaxon should like it.  I saw this tree on the way back.  I don’t have the luxury of riding from the house like I did in Eagle Mountain, but the scenery is worth the compromise.



This is Fern Falls.  There are several waterfalls along the North Umpqua Trail.  I look forward to seeing this one in the Spring.


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Catch up post- Cavitt Creek

We originally went to Cavitt Creek in July when we were visiting Shawn and Jill. On Labor Day we took the Hull’s before they headed home. This is Mason jumping off a rock.img_1330

This is a picture of the swim hole. We were there pretty early on Monday, so the sun wasn’t out yet. That made it a little cold, but we prevailed.

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Catch up post- Bandon Beach

Erick and Tami Hull came to visit us over Labor Day weekend. We took them to Bandon Beach, and it was also my first time there. My selfish family went in July after I went back to Utah. This is on the pier.fullsizerender-1

The kids had fun in the water, even though is was cold.

Bandon is a beautiful beach with large rocks like these ones.  This will definitely be a frequent spot for us.img_1291

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Catch up post- Roseburg, Oregon

We finally got internet access, so I can catch up on the last two weeks. I left Utah two weeks ago, headed for Roseburg, Oregon. It was me, Max and Bay for 21.5 hours. img_1250

Penske and the biggest truck for the least amount, so we crammed everything we have in the moving truck and van.  Thankfully we got rid of a lot of stuff before loading the truck.img_1253

I was in Burns, Oregon this time of night two weeks ago.  I stopped at Washington City Park to let the dogs have a break and write in my journal.  I saw this deer as I was pulling back on to the main road.

I got to Roseburg at about 4:30 am. That part sucked, but luckily I was able to take three days off to unload and unpack before heading to my new branch. More to come.

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Yesterday I took my boys to Trailside in Park City.  We rode the wood features, dirt jump line, Bronto Jam and Mr. Muchrocks.  This is my run on Bamm Bamm.  I did it a few years ago on my Cannondale Gemini, but this was my first time on my Fezzari Nebo Peak.  It’s a fun place to ride.





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Today is Raven’s birthday.  I’m not sure how it passed so quickly, but I think about her whenever I hear this song.  I’m so thankful to be sealed to my family.  Distance may come between us, but it can never separate us.

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Squaw Peak and Cascade Springs

A lot has transpired in the last few weeks. We spent time in Roseburg, Oregon and fell in love with a place that totally surprised me. I attempted to post pictures, but the technology didn’t cooperate. I’m sure we will get back to that soon. The trip reminded us of how we used to explore and wonder, so we have gotten back in to it. On Saturday I took the family to Squaw Peak. We met a guy that suggested we take a drive on the dirt road to the Rock Canyon overlook. None of us had done that before, and it was beautiful.


Yesterday we went to Cascade Springs. I used to ride the Cascade Springs trails from below Deer Creek, but we never got where we went yesterday. It was worth the drive.  As I contemplate the future I seem to have a clearer picture of what I want out of life, and most of it takes place outside, with my family.  I feel like strange things are afoot at the Circle K, and I am fine with that.


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