The Future

The left Finger of Death on Bearclaw Poppy.

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Prom- March 2015


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Trifecta part 1- iFly

The Christmas experience for my boys was to go to Ogden to do indoor skydiving, indoor surfing and bouldering.  Yesterday I took them to iFly to start their Christmas experience.  This is their second run.

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Trifecta part 2- Flowrider

The Flowrider was the second part of their Christmas gift.  Jaxon tried the surfing, but he preferred the boogie board.  He did a barrel roll three times and rode it like a kneeboard.

Mason did really well on the surf board.  I thought he was going to wipe out here, but he pulled it out.

I was able to join the boys for the Flowrider, and it was a blast.  It was a lot harder than I expected, but I managed to pull off an accidental 180.  Getting back was the hard part.

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Trifecta part 3- iRock

We finished at iRock with some bouldering.  The boys are monkeys.

We finished with nachos at Costa Vida, then hit the Lego store and Build-A-Bear at the Fashion Place mall.  We were all tired and sore when it was all over, but as Mason put it- “This is the best Christmas present ever!”  And that makes it all worth it.

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Last Saturday I took my daughter to Momentum in Lehi for her Christmas present. I knew she would be good at bouldering.. We climbed until our hands were too sore to continue.image



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Winter ride

I took my boys and dogs for a winter ride this morning. We found this frozen section.IMG_2603

I rode across some frozen sections. This one didn’t hold me, so I kept pedaling to get back to the dirt before I got wet.

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My boys and I went to Marty’s to make charcloth.  I hadn’t heard of it until about two weeks ago.  We made the charcloth on the BBQ and started a fire with flint and steel.  It was manly and I pounded my chest.

photo (25)

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Penguin drawing

My daughter drew this for me for Christmas. It’s (24)

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2014 was a good year

I have been horrible and blogging for the last six months, but I wanted to wrap up a few things.  I feels like 2014 was a turning point.  I decided to focus on being positive and trying new things, which led to some great things.  I went back to E*Trade and was promoted to the Stock Plans team.  I spent a lot of time being quiet and listening.  I had a goal to try or accomplish 12 new things.  I think I hit 37.  Here they are:

Oscillating spindle sander
Japanese pull saw
Lathe project- ice cream scoop
Swim with nurse sharks
Play marbles
Coyote hunting
Conquistador facial hair
Drug bust assist
Red Lobster’s Lobsterfest (Lobster Lovers Dream)
Waxed mustache
Giving up something for Lent- energy drinks
Wood berm on Juniper downhill trail
Drive to end of Ophir Canyon
Camping in Ophir Canyon
Cutting a basketball in half
Run a 5k
Book end ordinances in the same day- baptisms and sealings
Concert at Silver Lake ampitheater- Nashville Tribute Band
Ride a Harley
Ride a Vespa
Shoot a Beretta FS
Ride at The Canyons
Ride a huge ferris wheel-  Lagoon
Sliding Rock in Alpine
Caveman cooking- egg in a pepper, hamburger in onion, biscuit in orange peel
Join a book club
Join a Fantasy Football league
Ride at Trailside in Park City
Make a slingshot
Wear a mustache for one year
Work in Stock Plans
Blue Velvet cupcake
Shoot a crossbow
Ride a 27.5″ tire mountain
Wear a beard
Make a bike bracelet

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